I am more practitioner than researcher. Still, over 30 years of practice and teaching, I have spent a great deal of time reflecting on what I was doing, how I was doing it, and how to do it better. This reflection has taken place in in my own mind, with colleagues, with students; alone at home, in the studio, at a pub over a beer (or two). I have been greatly influenced by my mentors, colleagues, students; on the worksite, in the classroom, between the covers of a book. My research methodology is more "reflection on practice" than speculative theory. Mine is an experience of knowing more than I can say. My challenge is to transform implicit/tacit knowing, to explicit/propositional knowledge. And in the process, not unlike the challenge of externalizing a mental approximation of a design idea, to test, refine and gain input that both challenges and enriches my thinking. Over the years I have become more teacher than practicing professional. In so doing I have make a significant effort to try to understand how designers design. How designers think. How designers work. And how designers experience the world. Below are links to published research that attempts to make sense of what I do, and how I think designers work.