[School of Architecture, University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit Collaborative Design Center].

Every five years each school of architecture around the country seeks to renew its accreditation with the National Architectural Accreditation Board. A team, made-up of a representative from the NAAB, AIA, NCARB and AIAS spends four days evaluating the schools curriculum, programs, faculty and student body. The challenge for this project was to create a space where a representative body of student work could be displayed, the team could meet comfortably, and an environment which communicates the spirit and vision of the school. And, naturally enough, it all had to be on a tight budget.

Recognizing that the exhibit was to be temporary a design was developed that was easily disassembled and reused. Panels were hung from pre-engineered wood I-beams by cables. In addition to the panels a shelving system was developed to allow the display of models. Students participated in the fabrication, assembly and installation of the system.

Terrence Curry (Designer)
David Garnett (Project Manager)
UDM student volunteers

AIA Michigan