AMDG Design was established by Terrence M Curry in 1992 as a "studio/workshop" whose purpose is to produce quality design solutions that seek beauty. Over the past 30 years, The studio completed numerous other projects, including summer camps, schools, community centers, churches, custom casework and furniture. AMDG Design is established to "seek beauty by making."

Co-Creation: From its inception, AMDG Design has been a place where young women and men can come to learn how to design and make things by participating in real projects. Professor Curry is well-known for his passion for making things and showing other how to make things of beauty. Inviting others to participate in the act of creation as co-Creator has been his life long commitment. Projects are selected and pushed that will provide opportunities for interns to learn and to discover their own solutions. If you thing that you might like to work with AMDG Design please let us know.

Architecture & Interior Design: To design a place is to imagine a possible future. Its both the challenge and the excitement of design. AMDG Design can help you from describing the design problem, to setting design parameters, to identifying ways of thinking about the problem, to proposing possible solution paths, to testing ideas, discovering possibilities, finalizing a design solution, producing construction documents, helping to get it built, and evaluating it in the end. AMDG Design is well-known for actively engaging the end-user, owner, client in the design and building process. Our track record of award-winning designs witnesses to our commitment to quality design solutions.

Furniture and Architectural Casework: Transforming the quality of the experience of a built environment does always mean making a new one. An environment can be transformed by a finely crafted piece of furniture or by the addition of custom casework. By spending time in a space with a client, exploring options and discoing possibilities, we can imagine, fabricate and install a new table, a conference room, a receptionist area, a dining room. We can make a piece of furniture to celebrate a special occasion or mark a significant event.

Please feel free to contact us if you think we might be able to help you make something in the pursuit of beauty.

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